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Songbird [Bioshock Infinite release XD] by Ryukocha Songbird [Bioshock Infinite release XD] by Ryukocha
Just how long have I been waiting for this game... and now that it's here, I'm completely broke. I ain't got even candy money.
Let's celebrate 26-03-2013.

Of course, this does the real Songbird no justice at all, but I had to put something up for the release day, so I apologise if it makes your eyes itch. I promise I'll make something better soon.

Made on Meritum Paint Pro. On a frikin' I-pad since my Wacom tablet refuses to calibrate. -_-

[EDIT] I nearly forgot... Songbird and the rest of Bioshock Infinite's rights go to Irrational Games and 2K... I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'd like to give credit for great creations to it's righteous owners.

[EDIT] In case you don't know what Bioshock Infinite is, watch the trailer: [link] WARNING: contains violence, blood, mild strong language and disturbing images, with Nico Vega - Beast, which was the best possible song choice in the world. If you have never heard of Bioshock, go do your homework!

[EDIT 30/03/2013] I made a new homage to this epic game. [link]

[EDIT 02/04/2013] Cursed heavens... it was featured on the GameSpot gallery [link] , this made it instead of the new one! I was too late... *cries* It was an honour serving with ye!
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March 26, 2013
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